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Helpful Links:

Engineering Undergraduate Student Handbook: This online handbook has the definitive answers to your questions about academic requirements for engineering students. Bookmark this site for future reference.

Seminars: The complete list of all Seminars (freshman, critical writing, etc.) can be found here.

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Undergrad Resources

Research and Academic Services
Academic Calendar
Career Services
Classroom and Room Roster
EDAB Resource List
Engineering Library
Faculty Directory
Penn Directory
Penn InTouch
Penn Portal
Scholarly Commons
Tech Support (CETS)
Undergraduate Coordinators
Weiss Tech House

Life after NSO - Now what?

Major Advising

Faculty Advisors: You will find out who your faculty advisor is at New Student Orientation. There will be office hours held during NSO so you will be able to meet your faculty advisor.

UndergraduAte Coordinators: Most questions that you may have will be answered in the Freshman Guidebook. If you cannot find the information you need, you may contact the Undergraduate Coordinators for your appropriate major.

Walk In Advising

Professional Advising: Advisors in the Office of Research and Academic Services (RAS) are available to assist you during normal business hours in whatever way they can. Walk-In Advising during the Summer are as follows:

Office of Research and Academic Services
109 Towne Building (you can find the building here)
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Mondays to Thursdays

Instructions For Changing Your Major

Please fill out the Change or Add Curriculum Form. You can find the forms in the Advising and Resources section on the Undergraduate page.