Quick Pronunciation Tip

Levine and Towne Buildings – the “e” doesn't affect pronounciation.

Towne: pronounced “town,” as in your home town.

Levine: pronounced “levin,” as in a vehicle’s VIN number.

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Other Helpful Abbreviations

HHMI = Howard Hughes Medical Institute
NSF = National Science Foundation
NIH = National Institutes of Health
DOE = Department of Energy

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Just for Fun

Philly Speak
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Learn to Speak "Penngineering"

If someone tells you to take your DMD CPG to RAS for advising, you might think you are in a place where acronyms and abbreviations abound. And you might be right – Penn Engineering certainly has quite a few. Read on for helpful translations of the acronyms you are bound to see and hear!

New Students Learn Their Way Around SEAS

Decoding Penn Engineering

Departments and Programs:

BE = Bioengineering
CBE = Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CIS = Computer and Information Science
ESE = Electrical and Systems Engineering
MSE = Materials Science Engineering
MEAM = Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
CGGT = Computer Graphics and Gaming Technology
DMD = Digital Media Design

Centers, Institutes and Labs:

IRCS = Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
LRSM = Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter
GRASP Lab = General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception Lab
PCBI = Penn Center for Bioinformatics
NBIC = Nano/Bio Interface Center
HMS = Center for Human Modeling and Simulation
SIG Center = SIG Center for Computer Graphics
PRECISE = Penn Research in Embedded Computing and Integrated Systems Engineering
PGFI = Penn Genome Frontiers Institute
IME = Institute for Medicine and Engineering
PCMD = Penn Center for Molecular Discovery
RTG = Real-Time Systems Group
DSL = Distributed Systems Laboratory

Resources, Offices and Groups:

RAS = Research and Academic Services
CETS = Computing and Educational Technology Services
EOS = Engineering Operational Services
IKON = The Copy Center in Levine Hall (inside next to the Walnut Street entrance)
EDAB = Engineering Dean’s Advisory Board
ESAC = Engineering Student Activities Council
AWE = Advancing Women in Engineering
SWE = Society of Women Engineers
ENIAC = Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, the first all-purpose computer that was invented here

Campus and Philadelphia Abbreviations:

CPG = Course Planning Guides on Penn InTouch aka Worksheet
VPUL = Vice Provost of University Life
CTL = Center for Teaching and Learning
DP = Daily Pennsylvanian, as in the Penn student newspaper
SEPTA = Southeastern Pennsylvanian Transportation Authority
LUCY = Loop through University City