Advance Registration Guide

Academic Advising and Support

There are several components to the academic advising system at Penn Engineering. These resources include support at the department, school, and university levels. These are described below.

Faculty Advisors

Each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor. At the Dean’s meeting during New Student Orientation you will learn who your advisor is and how to contact him or her. Your Faculty Advisor will guide you in the selection of courses in your major (including the appropriate math and science courses) and in understanding more about the various fields of engineering within your declared major.

If you are a CD student, your Faculty Advisor will help you in the selection of courses that would help keep your academic options open. Your Faculty Advisor will also guide you in helping you decide on your major among the various fields of engineering that are available to you.

Undergraduate Curriculum Chairs (UG Chair)

Each academic department has a faculty member who serves as that department’s UG Chair. The UG Chair oversees his or her department’s undergraduate programs, including curriculum development, exceptions to major requirements for individual students, and the faculty advising process in that department. Students frequently meet with their UG Chair to discuss academic matters involving their major.

Undergraduate Coordinators

An Undergraduate Coordinator assists each Undergraduate Chair in the School’s academic departments. This person will be able to help answer your advising related questions. During the summer months, Undergraduate Coordinators and Academic Advisors in the Office of Academic Programs are available to answer your questions between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EDT, Monday through Friday (except Holidays). Refer to the directory for a full list of contacts.

Professional Advisors

Advisors in the Academic Programs Office (APO) are here to assist you in selecting your courses. They can also help you interpret school policy and explore other academic options such as study abroad, dual degrees, minors, and sub-matriculation opportunities in graduate programs across the University. If you find yourself in some academic trouble, need a referral for academic support, or are having some personal problems, APO Advisors are available to assist you during normal business hours in whatever way they can.

Walk-In Advising during the Summer are as follows:
Academic Programs Office
111 Towne Building
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Wednesday (except University holidays)

Walk-In Advising during the Academic Year are as follows:
Academic Programs Office
111 Towne Building
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday through Thursday (except University holidays)

Orientation Peer Advisors (OPA!)

The Orientation Peer Advisors (OPA!) are ready to take your questions about what it's like to be an engineering student, or any other general questions you might have. Your peer advisor's name and email address is listed on the postcard in your packet. You should be receiving a letter or email from your assigned OPA! by the time you arrive on campus but feel free to contact them. They are there to help!