You're coming to Penn Engineering...

What Happens Next?

Matriculating to Penn Engineering and the University of Pennsylvania is an honor that is no doubt raising lots of questions in your mind. We hope to answer some of those questions for you below by showing what your summer will entail and the things you can do before you even arrive to campus to make your first year at Penn Engineering even better.

Welcome Freshman!


Setting your PennKey and Password

Once you have been accepted and determine that you will be attending Penn, the university will contact you to set up your PennName, also known as your PennKey. Your PennKey is a username that is unique to you and cannot be held by anyone else in the university community. It is typically made up of your name in some combination, and suggested choices based on your name are given to you, or you can create your own. You will also receive a setup code that will allow you to login and create your PennKey password. The combination of your PennKey and password will allow you to “authenticate” and access many systems and tools available solely to the Penn community. More Information…

Setting up Housing, Email Accounts, Meal Plans

Once admitted, first-year students apply for housing online at the beginning of April by logging onto Using the username and password sent by the Admissions Office, students are able to login and access their housing application through the “My Housing” link. In the application students will have the opportunity to apply for Residential Programs, select their College House and room type preferences, request a roommate, and identify any medical needs that require special accommodations. More information…

Through Campus Express Online you can log in to access various services available to students—confirm any on-campus housing you've selected, choose your meal plan, order textbooks, purchase your new computer, apply for a PennPass or parking permit, sign up for Penn email, register your bicycle and more. More Information…

Choosing Courses

When the time comes to register, check out the Penn Engineering Advance Registration Guidebook. This is an excellent resource for information on registering and choosing courses.

Applying for your PennCard

On Campus Express Online, login and click "Apply for PennCard" in the My PennCard feature, where you can set up your PennCard and submit a photo. You may also mail in the application included in your Campus Express mailing, plus a paper photo that meets the requirements detailed in the Campus Express Brochure. You can also apply in person at the Campus Express Center during New Student Orientation at the PennCard Center in the Franklin Building.

New students who submit PennCard applications within two weeks of receiving the Campus Express brochure can pick up their PennCards at the Campus Express Center in Houston Hall during New Student Orientation. After NSO, you may obtain your PennCard at the PennCard Center. More Information (requires login)…


Pre-Orientation for Freshman Women Engineers

Conducted by the Advancing Women in Engineering program, this is a pre-orientation program for incoming women engineers. During the program, new students will have a variety of opportunities to learn about Penn Engineering and the city of Philadelphia including, meeting fellow women engineers; meeting current undergraduate and graduate women in Penn Engineering; interacting with Penn Engineering faculty; taking trips around Philadelphia; and getting information about student clubs and leadership opportunities in the Engineering. More information…

New Student Orientation for Penn Engineering

When setting up your New Student Orientation Schedule, please note the sessions required by the school. The SEAS NSO schedule will be online soon. This is updated by the Researh and Academic Services Office at Penn Engineering.

Penn’s New Student Orientation

Helpful information on orientation is available at this site, this is updated by the university during the summer prior to the start of each Fall semester.