Undergraduate Student Handbook

Transferring to Penn Engineering

A student who wishes to transfer into Penn Engineering from another school at the University should complete a worksheet (or e-CPG) on Penn InTouch for the appropriate engineering or applied science curriculum. (Refer to the sections on advising and Course Planning Guides.) Finally, the student should submit, via the advising office of the original school, the following materials: the electronic Course Planning Guide (signed by the Penn Engineering Undergraduate Chairman); and, a completed transfer request form indicating the Penn Engineering major, available from the advising office of the original school:

A student may not transfer into Penn Engineering if his/her transcript shows that good performance in a Penn Engineering program is unlikely, or if the record includes uncleared F, I, GR or NR grades. The minimum gpa for consideration is 3.0; different criteria are used for entry into dual degree programs. In particular, we look for successful completion of calculus (typically, at least MATH 114) and physics (typically, PHYS 150/151).

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