Undergraduate Student Handbook

Penn Engineering Degree Programs

The School of Engineering and Applied Science (Penn Engineering) offers two undergraduate degree programs: the professional program in Engineering (Bachelor of Science) and the pre-professional program in Applied Science (Bachelor of Applied Science). A list of degree programs can be found here.

In either program, the opportunity exists for (1) studying a diversity of subjects which satisfy personal desires, (2) developing a broad foundation for adaptation to new societal demands and (3) maintaining flexibility for moving into new areas of interest if a change in personal career direction develops (e.g., undergraduate engineering and applied science programs may conveniently lead to graduate study in law, business administration, medicine, or other fields, as well as engineering).

Degree requirements may change over time, and, as a general rule, students are responsible for those in place at the time of matriculation.  By petition, students may ask to follow a new set of requirements put in place after matriculation; however, one is not allowed to "mix and match" different sets of degree requirements.  Furthermore, students may not follow requirements from before their matriculation. 

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Degree Program