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Appropriate Point of Care Diagnostics (APOC)

Open to Penn Engineering junior, senior and graduate students

The Appropriate Point of Care Diagnostics program is an exciting, new collaboration between Penn Engineering and two African international, health research centers in West and East Africa.  This program consists of two courses (one in Spring 2014 and one in Fall 2014) in which students will learn about relevant disease, the context of that disease, and how to design and pilot a point of care diagnostic for that disease for use in Ghana and Kenya.  The program includes a three-week trip to Sub-Saharan Africa after Spring semester ends.


Oct-Nov 2013 - Admissions
Spring Semester 2014 – ENGR 566 001 Appropriate Point of Care Diagnostics Design I (Tentatively scheduled for Thursdays, 3-6pm)
Summer In-Country (May 17-June 7)
Fall Semester 2104 – ENGR 567 001 Appropriate Point of Care Diagnostics Design II (Date/Time TBD)

Focus Areas:

This interdisciplinary design program focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of appropriate medical technologies for world health, particularly for diagnostic devices for Sub-Saharan Africa. Emphasis is placed on the process of developing appropriate technologies with sustainable designs for medical devices with utility in a local environment. The course integrates educational, training and service learning in a two-semester course with field-based design.

Topics covered in APOC include:

  • Concepts of medical device, medical technology, and appropriate technology design;
  • Needs finding, design ideation, specification, constraints, evaluation, prototyping, fabrication and production;
  • Sustainable design, appropriate design, product life cycle assessment;
  • Selection, evaluation, and comparison methods. Safety, reliability measures. Clinical evaluation methods.

The APOC course is a collaboration between Penn's Engineering and Design Schools, as well as two international research institutes in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research in Ghana, and the Kenya Medical Research Institute in Kenya.

Program Fee:

Selected students will pay *$7,600 which includes tuition, visa/passport processing fees, international airfare, lodging and meals, program-related transportation, and all organized excursions.

In addition, students should be prepared to pay up to an additional $500-$800 for expenses such as health-related needs (i.e. immunizations) and international health insurance, if needed.

Note: For those currently receiving Penn financial aid, there is a possibility that aid will be extended to cover a portion of this fee and expenses, depending on the student’s aid package details. Aided students are not required to submit a program deposit until after the financial aid packages are received.

*$7,600 - 2014 estimate.

The early deadline for applications is Oct 31, 2013.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis after that date.

For more information, please contact:

Megan Doherty, MPH
Associate Director, International and Service Learning Programs
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School of Engineering and Applied Science
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Philadelphia, PA 19104-6391
Phone: +215-573-8266
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