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Contact the IDSI Program:

Ocek Eke, Ph. D.
Director for Global and Local Service Learning Programs
Research and Academic Services Office
Email | Phone: 215-573-8266


IDSI Program Fee

Selected students will pay *$7,300 which includes tuition, visa/passport processing fees, international airfare, lodging and meals, program-related transportation, and all organized excursions. 

In addition, students should be prepared to pay up to an additional $500-$800 for expenses such as health-related needs (i.e. immunizations) and international health insurance, if needed.

Note: For those currently receiving Penn financial aid, there is a possibility that aid will be extended to cover a portion of this fee and expenses, depending on the student’s aid package details. Aided students are not required to submit a program deposit until after the financial aid packages are received.

* 2014 estimate