Adam Farabaugh

Portrait of Adam Farabaugh

University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science

B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Class of 2015

M.S.E. Robotics, Class of 2016

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Penn Electric Racing

Engineering Lead, Mechanical Engineering Lead, Chassis Lead, Suspension Lead, Accumulator Lead

2013-2015 Seasons, FSAE Electric

Click here for the PER homepage which hopefully has some cool FSAE stuff.

Click here for some pictures of UrbanE, the scooter gas-to-electric conversion that I worked on with my good friend, Oliver Paccianna, before his untimely passing. More info about UrbanE on the PER website. The odometer in these pictures shows 2 miles. At the time of this posting in January 2015 there are over 250 miles on the scooter - and the original Tesla 18650 cells are still going strong.