About Me

I am a 5th year doctoral student in Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania -- I completed my Phd proposal on 12/1/2016. I work under the direction of Alejandro Ribeiro in the area of statistical signal processing, in particular distributed online learning and stochastic optimization. My current projects are about developing new algorithms for dynamic signal processing in Big Data and dynamic networked settings using tools from statistical learning theory and stochastic optimization. I have developed applications to intrusion detection in computer networks, decentralized estimation in sensor networks, pattern recognition in mobile robotic teams, and others. See my research page for more details. I am also mostly done with a Master's degree in Statistics from Wharton.

I am a participant in the Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. My sponsoring facility is the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Computation and Information Sciences Directorate, where I collaborate with Brian Sadler, Ethan Stump, and Jon Fink

Before coming to Philadelphia, I had some wonderful research experiences at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory with Alma Wickenden and William Nothwang, and as an undergraduate in the Mathematics Department at Washington University  in St. Louis (WashU) under the guidance of Renato Feres. I completed both my BS and MS at WashU in Mathematics/Systems Science and Mathematics, respectively, in 2011 and 2012.


In person : 306 Moore Building
Skype : aekoppel “The electric things have their life too.
Cell : 314 303 2399 Paltry as those lives are."
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from "Do Androids Dream of Electric Ship?
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