Nano/Bio Probe Facility

Veeco 3100

Veeco 3100 with IVa controller and Hybrid head

Techniques available are contact mode, tapping mode, EFM, MFM, SSPM (KFM), TUNA, TRTUNA, STM, PFM, NanoMan, STS


LakeShore Desert Cryogenics TTP6 Probe Station

TTP6 Probe Station

Cryogenic manipulated-probe testing station for non-destructive electrical testing of devices on wafers up to 2 in.  The system can provide temperatures from 4.2K to 475K  The system is equipped with two RF probes that are connected to an Agilent N5230A Network Analyzer which ranges from 300kHz to 20GHz.  The system is also equipped with two dc probes that are connected to a Keithley 6517A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter, which has a voltage output and capable of current measurements down to fA.  The system can provide wavelength dependent light to your measurement.  Equipped with a Newport/Oriel Arc Lamp and Deutrium Lamp, the Newport Cornerstone 130 Monochromator allows for a range of wavelengths from 150nm-1200nm with a wavelength resolution down to 0.5nm to be coupled to your electrical measurement.