Nanolithography Publications

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  3. Ferroelectric Lithography
    D. B. Li, D. A. Bonnell Ceramics International 34 (2008) 157-164
  4. Polarization and Local Reactivity on Organic Ferroelectric Surfaces: Ferroelectric Nanolithography using Poly (vinylidene fluoride)
    C. Rankin, C. Chou, D. Conklin, D. Bonnell ACS Nano 1 (2007) 234-238.
  5. Polarization Reorientation In Ferroelectric PZT Thin Films With Electron Beams
    D.B. Li, D.R. Strachan, J. H. Ferris, D.A. Bonnell  Journal of Materials Research 21 (2006)  935-940
  6. Quantitative Analysis of Nanoscale Switching in SrBi2Ta2O9  Thin Films by PFM
    S. Kalinin, A. Gruverman, D. Bonnell  Appl. Phys. Lett. 85 (2004) 795
  7. Nanoscale Domain Patterning Of Lead Zirconate Titanate Materials Using Electron Beams,
    J. H. Ferris, D. B. Li, S. V. Kalinin, and D. A. Bonnell, Appl. Phys. Lett. 84, (2004) 774
  8. Ferroelectric Lithography of Multicomponent Nanostructure
    S.V. Kalinin, D.A. Bonnell, T. Alvarez, X. Lei,  Z. Hu, R. Shao, and J.H. Ferris, Adv. Mat 16 (2004) 795-99   highlighted in Science 304 (2004) 415
  9. Ferroelectric Lithography of Multi Component Nanostructures 
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  10. Atomic polarization, charge compensation, and local reactivity on ferroelectric surfaces: a new route toward complex nanostructures.   
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