Properties of Single Molecules and Nanostructures Publications

  1. Exploiting Plasmon Induced Hot Electrons in Molecular Electronic Devices
    D. Conklin, S. Nanayakkara1, T. H. Park, M. F. Lagadec, J. Stetcher, X. Chen, M. J. Therien, D. A. Bonnell    ACS Nano 2013
  2. Electronic Transport in Gold-Porphyrin Supermolecule Hybrid Nanostructures
    D. Conklin, T. Park, J. Stecher, M. Therien, D. A. Bonnell   Nano Letters 12 (2012) 2414-2419.
  3. Direct Probe of Molecular Polarization in de novo Protein-Electrode Interfaces
    Kendra Kathan-Galipeau, Sanjini Nanayakkara, Paul A. O’Brien, Maxim Nikiforov, Bohdana M. Discher, Dawn A. Bonnell  ACS  Nan5 4835-4842 DOI: 10.1021/nn200887n Jun 2011
  4. Plasmon-Induced Electrical Conduction in Molecular Devices
    P. Banerjee, D. Conklin, S. Nanayakkara, et al.: ACS Nano 4 (2010) 1019-1025.
  5. Probing Polarization and Dielectric Function of Molecules with High Order Harmonics in s-NSOM
    M. Nikiforov, S. Schneider, T-H Park, P. Milde, U. Zerweck, C. Loppacher, L. Eng, M. J. Therien, N. Engheta, D. Bonnell  J. of Applied  Physics 106 (2009) 114307
  6. The Effect of Molecular Orientation on the Potential of Porphyrin−Metal Contacts
    M. P. Nikiforov, U. Zerweck, P. Milde, C. Loppacher, T-H Park, H. T. Uyeda, M. J. Therien, L. Eng, D. Bonnell Nano Lett. 8 (2008) 110–113
  7. Real-Time TEM Imaging of the Formation of Crystalline Nano-scale Gaps
    D. R. Strachan, D. E. Johnston, B. S. Guiton, S. S. Datta, P. K. Davies, D. A. Bonnell, and A. T. Johnson, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100 (2008) 056805
  8. Assembly and Optoelectrical Properties of Amphiphilic Peptides with Chain of Cofactors for Electron Transfer between Interfaces
    M. P. Nikiforov, D. A. Bonnell, P. L. Dutton, et al. Biophysical Journal Suppl. S (2007) 503A
  9. Polarization Controlled Transport in PANI-BaTiO3 Nanofibers
    M. Nikiforov, H. Liu, H. Craighead, D. Bonnell  Nano Letters 6 (2006) 896-900
  10. Clean Electromigrated Nanogaps Imaged by TEM
    D. Strachen, D. Smith, M. Fishbein, D. Johnson, B. Guiton, M. Drndic. D. Bonnell, A.T. Johnson Nano Letters  6 (2006) 441-444
  11. Low-Temperature Resistance Anomaly at SrTiO/sub 3/ Grain Boundaries: Evidence for an Interface-Induced Phase Transition
    R. Shao, M.F. Chisholm, G. Duscher, D.A. Bonnell  Physical Review Letters95 (2005) 197601/1-4
  12. High Frequency Scanned Gate Microscopy and Memory Effect in Carbon Nanotube Transistors
    C. Staii, A.T. Johnson, R. Shao, D. Bonnell Nano Letters.  5  (2005)  893-6
  13. Controlled Fabrication of Nanogaps in Ambient Environment for Molecular Electronics
    D. Strachen, D. Smith, D. Johnston, T-H Park, M. Therien, D. Bonnell, A.T. Johnson  Applied Physic Letters.  86  (2005)  43109-13
  14. Carbon nanotubes as a tip calibration standard in electrostatic scanning probe microscopies.
    Kalinin, Sergei V.; Freitag, M.; Johnson, A.T.; Bonnell, D.A.. Appl. Phys. Lett. (2002), 81(4), 754-756.
  15. Effect of Size Dependent Interface Properties on Stability of Metal Clusters on Ceramic Substrates.
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  16. Schottky Barrier Formation at Nano Scale Metal-Oxide Interface.
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  17. Nonstoichiometry on TiO2 (110) and Cu-TiO2 Interfaces
    M. Wagner, D. Bonnell, M. Rüfhle J. Vac. Sci. and Technol. 16 (1998) 1078-84 .
  18. Nanoscale Metal-Transition Metal Oxide Interfaces Studied with STM and STS
    M. Wagner, D. L. Carroll, D. A. Bonnell and M. Rüfhle, Proc. 11th
    European Congress on Electron Microscopy, Ed. U.C.D. Belfield, (Dublin, Ireland 1996)
  19. The morphology of Cu clusters on SrTiO3(001) at initial stages of metal film growth.
    Liang, Y.; Carroll, D. L.; Bonnell, D. A. Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc.  (1995),  355(Evolution of Thin Film and Surface Structure and Morphology),  51-7.
  20. The Structure of Cu Clusters on SrTiO3 (001).
    Y. Liang, D. Bonnell Proceedings of the Materials Research Society Meeting . 357 (1995) 1-13.