Recent News

February 2011 - Casim receives a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation.

January 2011 - Pam receives a travel award for presenting her work at the International Conference on Biomolecular Engineering. Congrats, Pam!

January 2011 - Check out Ellen's new paper in Cell and the accompanying Penn press release.

December 2010 - Casey receives a Benjamin Franklin Society Undergraduate Research Grant and Parth receives a Vagelos Undergraduate Research Grant. Congrats, Casey and Parth!

August 2010 - Sydney Kestle, Cari Meisel, Vidya Puthenpura, and Paul Wegescheide join the lab as a senior design team.

June 2010 - Ellen's talk at the American Chemical Society meeting is selected for the Best of BIOT webinar series. Congrats, Ellen!

June 2010 - Dalton Banks joins the lab.

May 2010 - Parth Kothari and Casey McQuade join the lab.

April 2010 Santhosh receives the Solomon R. Pollack Award for Excellence in Graduate Bioengineering Research. Congratulations, Santhosh!

February 2010 Santhosh successfully defends his doctoral dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Palani!

November 2009 Ellen successfully defends her doctoral dissertation at BU. Congratulations, Dr. O'Shaughnessy!

April 2009 Pam is selected as a trainee on a NIH Computational Genomics training grant. Congratulations, Pam!

March 2009 Daphne Ng joins the lab.