images/profile.jpg Chenfanfu Jiang (蒋陈凡夫)
Assistant Professor
Computer and Information Science Department
University of Pennsylvania
Office: Levine 303


My group is part of the computer graphics group at Penn. I received my Ph.D in CS from UCLA in 2015, co-advised by Prof. Demetri Terzopoulos and Prof. Joseph Teran. I received my B.S. in Physics from Class for the Gifted Young (SCGY) of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2010. I am a co-founder of Jixie Effects Inc, a consulting research scientist of Awowd Inc and VoxelCloud Inc.

My primary research interest is continuum mechanics simulation of solids and fluids for computer graphics. Particularly, I worked on Material Point Method (MPM) simulation of sand, snow, lava, sponge, foam, chocolate bunny, froyo, and many other interesting natural phenomena such as throwing a pie in someone's face or colliding two planets. I also did Finite Element Methods (FEM), and have done bad things to an Armadillo such as tearing it apart with the level set method and cutting it with an adaptive virtual node algorithm. A virtual centipede, however, was simulated in one piece, walking on a crystal skull through a real time kinematic/dynamic approach and enhanced with artificial intelligence. I also actively collaborate with researchers in other fields. For example, I studied problems with computer vision researchers on figuring out physical quantities from a scan, and built a human-scene interaction platform with Virtual Reality. Simulating human body is also among my topics and building a virtual injury/surgery simulator helps train combat medics. I am looking for motivated PhD students, postdocs, as well as undergraduate and graduate visitors. Don't hesitate to send me an email directly if you are interested in computer graphics, physics based modeling and simulation, 3d animation, numerical partial differential equations, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.


* Our paper "Position-Based Multi-Agent Dynamics for Real-Time Crowd Simulation" received the Best Paper Award in MIG 2017!
* We have 4 TOG papers (2 SIGGRAPH papers + 2 SIGGRAPH Asia) in 2017.
* Our SIGGRAPH 2017 paper on porous water-sand mixture is featured at Gizmodo.
* Our research on the Affine Particle-in-Cell Method (APIC) is one of the key aspects of fluid simulation in Moana. [UCLA News, Phys]
* I received the UCLA Enginnering School Edward K. Rice Outstanding Doctoral Student Award in 2015.
* I co-chaired the 3rd workshop on Visual meets Cognition at CVPR 2017, the 1st workshop on Virtual Reality meets Physical Reality: Modelling and Simulating Virtual Humans and Environments at SIGGRAPH Asia 2016, the 2nd Workshop on Physical and Social Scene Understanding at CogSci 2016.
* Our research on virtual injury and medical training is featured at New Scientist, Gizmodo, Popular Science and Science Net.
* Our paper A Level Set Method for Ductile Fracture received the Best Paper Award in SCA 2013.

Current group members

* Andre Pradhana Tampubolon, Penn Computer and Information Science Postdoc, 2017.6-.
* Chi Zhang, Penn Robotics master student, 2017.9-present.
* Ziyin Qu, Penn Scientific Computing master student, 2017.6-present.
* Hannah Bollar, Penn Digital Media Design undergraduate student, 2017.6-present.

Past group members

* Yuanming Hu, MIT EECS visiting PhD student, Summer 2017.
* Yu Fang, Tsinghua University visiting undergraduate student, Summer 2017.
* Ziheng Ge, University of Science and Technology of China visiting undergraduate student, Summer 2017.
* Wenting Sun, Penn Digital Media Design undergraduate student, Summer 2017.
* Duotun Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology undergraduate student, Summer 2017.
* Jason Wang, Penn Digital Media Design undergraduate student, Summer 2017.