Working Experience

Research Assistant

  • ModLab at GRASP Laboratory in University of Pennsylvania
  • October 2012 - Present | ModLab at GRASP Laboratory in University of Pennsylvania

Research Specialist

  • October 2013 - May 2014 | Department of Radiology at Penn Medicine in University of Pennsylvania
  • Focus on Mechatronics Systems Design

Teaching Assistant

  • Design of Mechatronic Systems(MEAM 510)
  • August 2013 - December 2013 | Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics in University of Pennsylvania


American Soceity of Mechanical Engineers

  • March 2013 - March 2014

Penn Electric Racing

  • September 2013 - May 2014
  • Focus Embedded System Design and Control


Non-Repair Dynamically Balance Device of Wheel Set in Vehicles

  • 2012 International Conference on Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications | June 17, 2012
  • Authors: Chao liu, Chao Zou, Dongju Wang, Zailin Ge

In order to make the mass distribution of the wheel set symmetrical about the axis of the wheel axle, which is able to remove the periodical exciter source and many consequences coming from it, including having negative effect on the stationarity and stability during the running of the train, shortening the lifetime of the wheels, bearings and many other parts of the train, design a set of balanced device to regulate the mass center of the wheel set. The set of device collects data by relevant detection devices in order to find the mass distribution condition, and then regulate the circumferential positions of the objects with a certain mass in the tapered groove which can make the mass distribution of the wheel set symmetrical about the axis of the wheel axle.

Design for Ultrasonic Guided Wave Signal Exciter

  • The Fifth Nanshan Academic Forum for PhD Candidates | November 24, 2012
  • Authors: Chao liu

The Ultrasonic Guided Wave Signal Exciter is designed for the research, Study of Rotor Shaft System Health Monitor with Ultrasonic Guided Wave, which is conducted by Prof. Xiaoyu Wang. The principle of the design is less cost, full of use and excellent performance so that I can achieve the goal that saving research funds. The core of the system, which is able to produce single audio signals whose frequency range from 50KHz to 500KHz, is a single-chip microcomputer. The signals are applied to excite the probe to produce Ultrasonic Guided Wave to help people with their research.

Skills and Expertise Support

Course Overview

2012 Fall

  • Foundation of Engineering Math I
  • Design of Mechatronic System
  • Introduction to Robotics

2013 Spring

  • Advanced Mechatronics
  • Design of Microelectromechanical System
  • Feedback Control Design and Analysis

2013 Fall

  • Machine Learning
  • Real Time Embedded System
  • Digital Signal Processing

2014 Spring

  • Learning in Robotics

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