Class SpellChecker

  extended by SpellChecker

public class SpellChecker
extends java.lang.Object

A SpellChecker uses a Dictionary, a Corrector, and I/O to interactively spell check an input stream. It writes the corrected output to the specified output stream.


The SpellChecker object is used by SpellCheckerRunner; see the provided code there.

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Constructor Summary
SpellChecker(Corrector c, Dictionary d)
Method Summary
 void checkDocument( in, input, out)
          checkDocument interactively spell checks a given document.
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Constructor Detail


public SpellChecker(Corrector c,
                    Dictionary d)
Method Detail


public void checkDocument( in,
checkDocument interactively spell checks a given document. Internally, it should use a TokenScanner to parse the document. Word tokens that are not in the dictionary should be corrected, non-word tokens and words that are in the dictionary should be output verbatim.

in - the source document to spell check
input - an InputStream from which user input is obtained
out - the target document on which the corrected output is written