Eclipse Refresher


This page will help you remember how to properly create a Java Eclipse project for hw01, and contains some helpful resources for JUnit testing. If you do not already have Eclipse installed from CIS120, follow the steps in item 2 from the CIS120 instructions.

Create a Java Project

  1. Click File --> New --> Java Project.
  2. Give the project a name, such as hw01, and click Next, not Finished.
  3. Under the Libraries tab, click Add Library, choose JUnit, click Next, select JUnit 4 from the pull- down menu, and click Finish.
  4. Now click Finish to create the project.
  5. Download the hw01 files and unzip the files as usual.
  6. To import, open the hw01 project (by clicking the arrow or plus next to hw01 project icon), right-click the src folder, and choose Import. Then, select General, File System and choose your files as usual. You must right-click the src folder, not the project folder, for this to work.

JUnit Testing Resources

Although JUnit testing was covered in CIS120, if you find yourself needing a refresher, the following link is very helpful. The official JUnit docs are very helpful, too.