Prediction Squad

Group Members

Hannes Leipold, Justin MacIntosh, Adnaan Mukadam, Zhi Zheng


Our project utilize the Rotten Tomatoes database and our own uniquely developed algorithm to predict the critic score of a given combination of actor, director and genre. Initially we wanted to allow the user to specify any actor, director and genre they want and our app would report back a rating if all the entries were valid. However, we realized that the average user will not know many actors and even if they did they are not likely to be able to spell all the names correctly. To deal with that would have required us to implement a real time suggestion/ autocomplete based on characters already typed in, which was beyond our abilities. Which led to our second idea and current implementation which is to pregenerate five random choices for each field we allow the user to select. We turned our app in more of a quiz/game format where the user try to find the best combination of actor, director and genre out of the 125 possible. Our app gives the predicted rating for the combination the user chooses and reports whether it was the optimum score. If it was not optimum the user allowed to retry a different combination. Using our website, built with NodeJS, a user will be able to look up each of the random actors and directors with a single click. Added links next to the names of these people instantly Bing Search their name, making it easy to get a grasp of who your options are. Similarly, the top rated movie for each actor and director are on display, and can be searched in the same fashion using built in links.