Group Members

Yongxin Sun, Siyu Xie, William Schiela, Ao Sun


The goal of our project is to create a website of our own based on movie dataset which will be provided. Ideally the website is similar to the IMDb with basic functionalities like searching movies and displaying top ranked movies for users. Users are able to create a new account by filling a form or with their Facebook account. Once the user complete registration, there will be a profile page for each user which keep records some of the user’s preferences. There is also one important feature for our design which is the social networks among different users, which means that users could give reviews of movies, recommends movies they like and add movies to their worklists. To make the app more interesting, we also add quiz function for users to try and have fun. Developing this project gives us the opportunity to implement all the staff we have learned in CIS 550 class and it is definitely a helpful practice for schema design, query, index search and optimization. What is more, we are interested in realizing the design with Node.js, a very popular develop environment recently. Our motivation is to acquire hands-on experience with database systems and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when we realize the design.