Group Members

Xiao Hu, Yi Xia, Wenhe Zhang, Hiroyuki Kubota


The motivation of this project is, for a given database on movies, designing a website that can take user’s key words to provide comprehensive movie information corresponding to user’s inputs. Also as a movie recommendation tool, the designed website would suggest similar movies based on users’ search. Similarities of movies will be calculated based on data provided by the database. To access this website, users need to connect their Facebook accounts (where it is assumed that all users own a Facebook account) with the website. Users can get knowledge on the movies they searched from our website. Additionally, users can make comments on the movie in website pages. Furthermore, they might find similar movies in this website.
The following features are implemented in the application:
  • Search a movie title (if the application finds multiple results, the user can specify release date to find the unique movie)
  • Show similar movies to the searched title
  • Show detailed information of a movie
  • Show an actor or a director information
  • Login via Facebook
  • Bing image search
  • Leave comments