Group Members

Shi Cheng, Zeyu Li, Tianchen Zhang, Wei Song


Our web application Jeet is designed to recommend restaurants to users according to their preferences. In the first step, users can filter restaurants according to cities, food categories and distance range etc. Besides, in the next step, user can get a recommendation list of similar restaurants which they may also be interested in by clicking one of the restaurants returned from the first step. In the second recommendation list, all the restaurants are given by experienced Yelp users that have similar categories and high stars, providing users with choices on some real best restaurants. The whole project is built by Ruby on Rails. We use Javascript to build front end and write SQL query to do backend data analysis. Query optimization are used to shorten request latency. Besides basic search features, we have also implemented Google Map API and Bing Search. Moreover, our web application supports multiple concurrent requests and also solves window resize problem used on which mobile.