CIS 391 - Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2014


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Class Schedule: :Tuesday & Thursday noon-1:30am Wu & Chen Auditorium

Artificial Intelligence is considered from the point of view of a resource-limited knowledge-based agent who must reason and act in the world. Topics include search, knowledge representation and reasoning, probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, logic, automatic theorem proving, and natural language processing. Programming assignments in Python.

Prerequisites: CIS 120, 121. Introductory statistics, introductory logic, and familiarity with finite state automata are all useful.


Web Page:

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
(Third Edition) 2009
Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig
Prentice Hall Series in Artificial Intelligence
Only the Third Edition, (Not International) will match the homeworks
50% Homeworks
25% Midterm 1
25% Midterm 2
Homework will be due at 11:59 on specified dates with submission cut off promptly. Late homework will not be accepted unless an extension has been granted in advance. Your lowest homework grade will be dropped, so extensions will be granted very sparingly.

We expect homeworks to be more frequent than in previous versions of this course, with about 50% more homeworks this year.

Please note that we insist that students follow Penn's Code of Academic Integrity, and that academic dishonesty, as defined in the Code of Integrity will not be tolerated.

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Links to classroom slides will appear below.

Lecture Notes are in PDF format.

Module 0: Introduction  (AIMA Textbook: Chapters 1-2)

Module 1: Search (AIMA Textbook: Chapters 3-6)

Module 2: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Module 3: Knowledge Representation and Logic

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DOC Files require Microsoft Word or Open Office

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Python Resources

Textbook Resources

Website for: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

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