Homework Hand-In Procedure

For now, homeworks will be submitted electronically using the UNIX turnin command. Homework files must be submitted from your eniac account. If you work at home, you need to put your files on your eniac account to submit them.

For each homework you will be told what the files that you submit should be named.
For homework 1, the files should be named:

To submit the files, use the command:

% turnin -v -c cis391 -p hwX list-of-files
where X in hwX is replaced by the homework number, and list-of-files is replaced by the list of files, with a space between each file name.

The easy way to do the submission is to keep all the files for a given assignment in a single directory with no other files in the directory; then you can simply use the * notation to include all files (substitute the correct name of your TA):

% cd mycis391/hw1solutions
% turnin -v -c cis391 -p hwX *

The program responds with a listing of the files that were submitted. Please make sure that you submitted what you intended.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do another submission, it will overwrite completely what was submitted before. You cannot do a partial submission, and then an additional submission. You must submit all the files at once. You can, however, submit all the files and then submit all the files again, overwriting the previous submission.