CIS 565: GPU Programming and Architecture
University of Pennsylvania
Spring 2011

Student Work

Final Projects

Modeling and Simulation of a Candle Lifecycle - Matthew Ahn
Fast Pedestrian Recognition on the GPU - Fan Deng
Semi-Langragian Fluid Simulation - Kalin Gochev
Centralized GPU Process Handling - Arthur G
Screen Space Fluid Rendering - Terry Kaleas
Fourier Optics - Cem Karan
Rendering of Massive Game Worlds on a WebGL-based Web Browser - Krishnan Ramachandran
Depth of Field on Mobile Devices - Han Li and Qing Sun
AMD Radeon HD 69xx and Nvidia Fermi Benchmarks - Varun Sampath
Efficient Shadow Rendering - Stuart Summerfield
Deferred Shader with Screen Space Classification - Sean Thomas

Sample Work

Cloth Sim - Qing Sun

Cloth Sim - Han Li

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) - Sean Thomas

Globe Rendering - Fan Deng

Sobel Filter - Eric Cheng

Ward Lighting - Arthur G

Vertex Wave - Han Li

Presentation Videos

Sean Thomas on Deferred Shading

Qing Sun on Mobile Graphics

Varun Sampath on Larrabee

Stuart Summerfield on Shadows

Krishnan Ramachandran on WebGL

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