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Student Work

Student Projects | 2014


Terrain Generation Using Procedural Models Based on Hydrology
by Cheng Xie & Alice Yang

Stitch Meshes

Stitch Meshes for Modeling Knitted Clothing with Yarn-level Detail
by Richard Arietta & Jennie Shapira


Two Scale Particle Simulation
by Lakshmi Boorgu & Xinjie Ma

Magic Cage

A Cage-based Deformation Tool
by Binglu Du & Suyang Wang

Shaky Tree Friends

Real-time Large-deformation Substructuring
by Anda Li & Yehua Lyu


Programmable Motion Effects
by Harmony Li & Joseph Tong


Real-Time Lens Blur Effects and Focus Control
by Cheng-Tso Lin

Catch the Water

Matching Fluid Simulation Elements to Surface Geometry and Topology
by Bo Zhang & Ying Li


Programable System for Artistic Volumetric Lighting
by Beiling Lu & Zihao Feng

Face Transmogrifier

Example-Based Facial Rigging
by Adam Mally


Interface for Comparing Rigging Algorithms
by Nathan Marshak


Fast & Artist-Friendly Fracture Generation Plug-In for Maya
by Zhen Gou & Zhenghan Mei

MeshGit for Maya

Diffing & Merging Tool for 3D Meshes
by Ritvik Menon & Legarlin Li

Many Tiny Bubbles

A Practical Simulation of Dispersed Bubble Flow
by Danny Rerucha & Wei-Chien Tu


An Artist Friendly Hair Shading System
by Xiaoyan Zhu & Yui Tanglertsampan

Fashion Transformer

Design Preserving Garment Transfer
by Lei Yang & Paula Huelinmerino


Self-organizing Trees for Maya
by Judy Trinh & Michael Rivera