Green Buildings: Optimization and Adaptation

CIS-800 Spring 2011

Schedule is subject to change. Inside square brackets is the theme of each presentation.

Date Presentation Presenter Related Materials
Jan 12 (W) [Overview] Course Overview Prof. George Pappas Overview material
Jan 17 (M) MLK Day. No class.
Jan 19 (W) [Overview] Technical Overview Prof. Ben Taskar Slides & related materials
Jan 24 (M) [HVAC] HVAC Basics Bin Yan & Truong Nghiem Slides 1 (Bin)
Slides 2 (Truong)
Jan 26 (W) [HVAC] Modeling and Advanced Control Truong Nghiem MPC Introduction
Jan 31 (M) [Occupancy] Occupancy Sensing, Estimation and Prediction Christopher Clingerman Slides
Feb 2 (W) [ML] Machine Learning Methods for Building Control & Estimation Umar Syed Paper, Slides
Feb 7 (M) [FDD] Fault Detection & Diagnostics Alex Kulesza Paper 1, Paper 2 (part 1, part 2, part 3), Paper 3
Feb 9 (W) Cancelled
Feb 14 (M) [Data center] Energy Management in Data Centers Miroslav Pajic Paper 1, Paper 2
Feb 16 (W) [Lighting] Survey: Smart Lighting Technology Michael Zargham Paper 1, Slides 1
Feb 21 (M) [Control] CFD Simulation and Building Control Yue Wang Paper 1, CFD papers, Slides, Code
Feb 23 (W) Green Scheduling: Scheduling of Control Systems for Peak Power Reduction Madhur Behl
Feb 28 (M) [Data center] Energy-Efficient Thermal-Aware Task Scheduling for Homogeneous High-Performance Computing Data Centers: A Cyber-Physical Approach Fei Miao Paper
Mar 2 (W) Cancelled
Mar 7 (M) Spring Break
Mar 9 (W) Spring Break
Mar 14 (M) Cancelled
Mar 16 (W) [SmartGrid] Agent-Based Micro-Storage Management for the Smart Grid Jennifer Gillenwater Paper
Mar 21 (M) [SmartGrid] Review “Market-based control mechanisms for electric power demand response” Monica Lui Paper
Mar 23 (W) Optimal Routing and Scheduling in a Multihop Network with Renewable Energy Arman Khouzani Paper, Slides
Mar 28 (M) Micro-economy for microgrids Saswati Sarkar Abstract
Mar 30 (W) [SmartGrid] Task Scheduling in the Smart Grid Soheil Eshghi Paper 1, Paper 2
Apr 4 (M) Simulation and Energy Modeling Xuefeng Gao Slides
Apr 6 (W) Cancelled
Apr 11 (M) Big picture, Roadmap, Building information modeling Amir Roth
Apr 13 (W) Cancelled
Apr 18 (M) [SmartGrid] Paper: A Control Theorist's Perspective on Dynamic Competitive Equilibria in Electricity Markets Truong Nghiem Paper Slides
Apr 20 (W) Cancelled: Presentations of Viridity Energy
Apr 25 (M) Cancelled