I'm a pretty weird person with an eclectic variety of interests. Here's what I like doing in my spare time:

Exploring Philadelphia! It's not as bad as some people say...

Playing movie theme songs on my ukulele - you've got to hear it to appreciate it.

I love teaching and I hope to continue to TA for classes in the future.

I'm a voracious reader. My parents used to leave me in bookstores.

Walking ridiculous distances to IKEA with my friend Charles.

Riding bikes in and around the city.

Keeping in touch with my asian roots through the Hong Kong Student Association.

Talking with my family many thousand miles away.

I eat anything and everything. Thank god for youthful metabolism.

Orange juice. Offer me a glass and I'll be your friend forever.

Never really grew out of playing with LEGOs. Now I like to build IKEA furniture.

Goofing off and hanging out with my super weird friends.