I only started programming in college but since then I've been learning everything I can get my hands on. Here's some of the cool stuff I've built in the past year:


This summer I went to Hack FOSSCON to kill time and learn things. My friends Socrates, Pranav and I ended up making a webapp that helps instructors and teaching assistants form queues at office hours. The inspiration for this came from holding crowded TA office hours during the school year where students would write their name on the whiteboard to indicate they needed help which was messy and inefficient. Won second place.

Made with: Bootstrap, JQuery, Parse


In my free time I'm rebuilding and maintaining the website for Penn's Hong Kong Student Association. It's still under construction right now (working on responsiveness) but check back in a couple of days! I also made a membership generator using PHP here. Test it out using the given example text!

Made with: HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP


Inspired by Spritz, and a little bored during my office hours, I built a speed reader. With space delays, noted quoting, and focus letters, it's preeetttyyyy cool if I say so myself. Check it out!

Made with: Python, Tkinter


Created during the Spring 2014 PennApps this was my first project outside of class and the first time I finished something at a hackathon. I built this with my awesome friends Rachel, Serena, and Thomas, and as a team with mostly novice programmers we were pretty proud of winning the Twilio API Prize. A texting extension and dashboard for PennWalk, a security escort service, we hoped it would improve the archaic system of calling in for help.

Made with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Twilio, Google App Engine


A spin-off of the old classic, Bomberman that I made as my CIS 120 (Programming Languages and Techniques I) final project. My first ever game.

Made with: Java