An eBayerís Desktop Management Solution


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Project By: ††† †††Omar Elangbawy

Advisor: †††††††† †††Professor Susan Davidson





For the past two years, I have been independently developing and running an online retail venue using eBay and eBay Stores for a menís clothing store which I work for outside of Penn. In this time, we have managed to open the store, create the necessary accounts, and design HTML online listings to begin selling the items in the store through eBay stores. However, thus far, we have relied entirely on the web-based applications provided by eBay to accomplish these goals in addition to a very primitive inventory control. This method has not only proven to be extremely inefficient, but also very time-consuming. At the moment, there is no way to save previous listed items in an organized and efficient manner so that the details of the item could be looked, edited, or re-listed on eBay at a later time; not to mention the ability to efficiently search and find items in the inventory that are online so that they can be removed from eBay with ease. In addition, tracking sales is limited to the past 60 days, as is customer information. When it comes to inventory management between the physical store and the online store, we have been forced to resort to separate tracking systems, one for items online, and the other for items in the store, thereby not only making it cumbersome, but also prone to more human error. Therefore, what we have now is an offline desktop application which can synchronize with the eBay store for the user, in this case Fashion House Inc., and can list, edit, and remove online items, but also incorporates an inventory management system, as well as a customer relationship center, which would track customer demographics and details for every online transaction. With this basis, it will not prove to be difficult at all to extend the application to allow it to serve as a point of sale application that can interact with some form of a register or computer at the physical store location.


The newly released eBayer 6.0 currently provides an interface to handle the complete array of online store management functions, which was previously handled by various web-based applications. It will serve as a tool to cover all aspects necessary in running an efficient eBay store and incorporating it with the physical store location. For example, it allows a store manager to list items in the online store, while at the same time saving the item specifics for later use and reference. Not to mention, it combines the online details with details applicable to the actual physical store using style numbers, additional size details, and short descriptions for the store manager to utilize if necessary. Nest, it allows for easy removal of both items sold online and through the physical store. In other words, if an item was sold in the physical store, removing the item from inventory would also remove from the eBay store, if a duplicate does not exist in the store inventory; and similarly, if an item was sold online and the application is synced with eBay, eBayer 6.0 is built to check to see if a duplicate exists, and if so, it will re-list the item on eBay and update the appropriate information in the item that exists in the inventory. If a duplicate does not exist, it removes the entire item from the inventory to ensure that the same item is not sold in the physical store. Once a sale online is complete and the inventory is adjusted, the customer information for the buyer and the specifics on the item sold and the transaction are saved to the appropriate tables for later use. This information can then be used to identify likely customers for future offerings, as well as best selling items. Thus, the store is now capable of handling every necessary function to run and monitor a small-scale eBay store from a desktop application.





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