Nikhil Haldar-Sinha

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Norman Badler

Artist: Sam Fuller


The goal of this project is to create a small persistent world with action-arcade game play.  To date, the vast majority of persistent worlds use a traditional RPG system, which involves selecting a target, and specifying the attack.  The chances of the attack being successful are based on a random number generator.  I plan to build one where the success of an attack is based on a player’s ability to aim and maneuver, or where “twitch” skills matter.

This game will try to build on the basic game play established by the arcade classic, Asteroids.  Players will be able to accelerate and turn their space ship, along with firing weapons.  However, instead of attacking asteroids, the player will be engaging other players, and be rewarded for killing them.  When players log off, their state will be saved.

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