Instant message systems (IMs) have become a common tool for communication used today. Yet, with all the frenzy for creating security and privacy for phone calls and faxes, IMs remain relatively unprotected. While many protocols exist to supplement and secure the current IM systems, there are too many drawbacks for them to become widely popularized. The common fatal flaws are often that they are not simple enough to be widely used and that they require bilateral cooperation among the communicating parties.

Confusion protocol offers an alternative to the current existing protocol. Confusion protocol does not encrypt traffic but generates noise along with actual traffic. This results in the actual traffic remaining secure.

The purpose of this project is to apply the confusion protocol to the current IM systems. The goal of the system is to create a secure IM system that can replace the current IM system by creating a library add-on that implements the confusion protocol on top of the current IM systems. Most importantly, it will provide the user the same flexibility of the current system without the added complication of encryption.