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Wireless communication via LEDS


Modern communications systems exist, which can accurately transmit information at high rates over various media. Wired networks, while efficient, have the obvious downside of requiring an elaborate, pre-built infrastructure. Wireless communication, which has been developed in several forms, generally requires a substantial power commitment to overcome natural interference and unbounded direction typical of freespace transmission. Both of these shortcomings can be prohibitive when implementing schemes based on motes, or small, inexpensive, low-power sensors.

We are suggesting a new means of communication that will be significantly more cost- and power-efficient than current systems, while retaining some of the flexibility provided by wireless methods. This solution will use low-power LEDs to transmit data optically via freespace (air); the signals will be captured by a camera-equipped receiver. A major part of this project will involve designing a transmission protocol to optimize this type of optical communication, both in terms of speed and reliability. We will demonstrate, with this design, a feasible communication solution that will be useful for mote-based systems.

David Pollack (dpollack@seas) CSE

Yosef Weiner (yoweiner@seas) CSE

CJ Taylor, Ph.D. CIS