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Current text editing software have limits to their editing capabilities. Text editing software has traditionally allowed for only one user to be editing a document at a time. As users needs and desires for features have adapted to a networked and multi-user world, the experience of text editing has remained a single user experience. It is easy to imagine situations in which users would benefit from a multi-user editing environment. Examples of situations include students working on a group project, developers who desire to work on the same source files, and corporate users operating within a team-environment to compile a team-wide report.

Annagram allows for concurrent editing of a document by multiple users, i.e. two users (or more) can edit one document at the same time. Annagram is a concurrent text editor for the Windows platform that will facilitate group collaboration through the means of multiple users being allowed to take part in the editing process and other modes of communication (i.e. VoIP & chat).


Steven Saviano
Faculty Advisor: Max Mintz

Utilized Components

Google Libjingle
Google Talk Voice and P2P Interoperability Library

Microsoft .NET
.NET Framework Homepage

Expat XML parser
Parser used for by Libjingle's xmllite component used to implement the XML parsing for concurrent editing.

GIPS VoiceEngine Lite
GIPS media componentry for Windows

Google Talk client
Downloadable Windows client.