CSE 401: Final Project
Spring 2006
P2P Feedback Systems
Kai Wang
Faculty Advisor: Sanjeev Khanna


A P2P credit system allows users who upload more to gain an advantage over someone who uploads less. Someone who has a higher credit should be able to get files faster. This gives the user incentive to continue its use on this network. KaZaa was probably one of the most popular P2P programs for a while because it was fast and had a credit system which allowed you to skip queues. Unfortunately their system was easily hacked. Currently 2 other popular softwares use a similar credit system, eMule and Bittorrent. eMule is a client built on top of the eDonkey network and it keeps a credit system on a per user basis but no global credit system is implemented. In Bittorrent the same thing is considered but it is limited to a particular file and not a particular user. The problem with both of these systems is that it does not give incentive to be an active sharer or user on the network because credit is not global and is rather limited in its scope. I'd like to propose a new system that can combine the advantages of these systems.