SQL:92 with Recursion



Web Interface




Writing recursive queries for a database is currently a complicated task. The query requires the user to write complex and redundant SQL syntax. Also if the database being used as a backend is not compliant with SQL:1999 then it is not possible to write any recursive queries. In this paper, we present Structured Query Language with Recursion (SQLR), a data retrieval language used for writing recursive queries for any relational database, e.g. MySQL, Oracle, DB2, even the ones not using SQL:1999. We have also developed a Java package, which can be used to send recursive queries to a database (using the language presented), and receive the requested information from the database. Hence we have developed a very flexible and non-intrusive system to run recursive queries, without having to change the underlying database in any way. We have specifically tested the language on the CiteSeer database. The database was chosen because it is possible to transform it into a graph and recursive queries on this database will be useful for future research.



Raj Gupta, Oleksiy Syrotkin
Faculty advisor: Oleg Sokolsky