CSE 401: FINAL PROJECT Spring 2007

CTDB 3D Viewer Editor

Matthew Hsieh and Richard Pater

Faculty Advisor: Professor Barry Silverman


Compact terrain database (CTDB) is a complex terrain database format widely used by the military in training simulations. Currently, many CTDB viewers are made specifically to render the terrain and object models 3 dimensionally in high resolution. These programs focus on editing capabilities that either change the way the terrain is presented in 3D or convert the loaded database to a different output format. Unfortunately, these programs do not provide a simple interface for adding markups, additional attributes for a terrain feature that a simulation system may wish to use, to the terrain features. In addition, these viewers tend to be overly complicated, unwieldy, and expensive. The software we are building will be a user-friendly 3D viewer of the CTDB format. Our software will implement a simple and intuitive GUI to make 3D viewing and exploring extremely easy for a user. Beyond what CTDB viewers currently provide, our software will support editing and will interface with other related software. Editing will involve modifying existing attributes or adding new markups to objects in the environment.