Cse 400/401, 2006-2007

The Poor Man’s American Sign Language to English Translation

 Eric Pierce

 Faculty Advisor: C.J. Taylor




The goal is to create a system whereby a user can translate sign language into English.  There are many English to American Sign Language dictionaries; most of which are web-based allowing the user to click on an English word and watch a video of the sign.  However, since there is no formal way of writing ASL, no ASL-to-English dictionaries exist.  This project would attempt to remedy that issue. This would be invaluable for students beginning ASL or hearing parents of a deaf child.

The end goal of this project is to provide an easy and accessible solution to anyone who might need to translate American Sign Language into English.  Another major goal of the system is to make it very scalable, allowing the lexicon to grow and even offering a user interface to allow user training of the classification model.  While many other ASL recognition systems have been successful with expensive hardware, my approach will be to develop an inexpensive and simple system that anyone can use.

Project Writeup

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