A Wiki-based Email Archival System


In the past 20 years, email has risen to become one of the primary methods of communication between individual members of project teams. However email is still an imperfect communication medium within a team environment. While it is largely a private communication between two entities, the topics addressed are often pertinent to the entire team. Current attempts to solve this problem have revolved around either manually entering the important questions and answers onto another platform or using a much more structured and restrictive piece of project management software (such as Microsoft Project).

The goal of this design project was to refine the process of transferring important information from a private email conversation to an editable wiki visible to the entire project team. As a proxy for a project management suite, this project consists of an adaptable system that uses restaurant reviews as a demonstration. A key way of achieving this email management function consists of having a dedicated email address for the wiki (email2wiki at that can be carbon copied whenever the sender wants data to be available to the entire team. Access to the wiki can then be read or write protected to project members if necessary, and its structure allows for a high level of community interaction on top of the rote tasks performed by the email2wiki bot.