Procedural Terrain Generation and Object Propagation

CSE 400/401

Spring 2007

Skyler York

Advisor: Dr. Norman Badler


Computer and console video games have grown in size and complexity since the early days of Pong™ and Asteroids™, both in terms of the amount of technology present and the amount of content required to produce a successful modern title. However this increase in size and complexity has not been met with a comparable increase in development time. As a result, artists and designers face the challenge of producing an ever increasing amount of content in a relatively fixed amount of time. One potential solution to this problem is procedural content generation. This approach allows certain types of content to be generated algorithmically at real-time (or in the case of my project in an automated fashion at development time) using a minimal set of input so that artists and designers can spend the majority of their time on content that requires human ingenuity and creativity to be produced at an acceptable level of quality. My project focuses on ways in which suitable terrain can be generated for potential 3D worlds based on artist-supplied control settings, as well as how this terrain can be populated with scenery and game objects using a set of rules, restrictions, and object relationships supplied by the designers to create believable environments.