Full Report (PDF)

Senior Design Poster (PDF)


Special thanks to Raynaldo Scarlett, a member of Dr. Sinno's group who donated a lot of his time helping me understand the dynamics of particle simulations.


The Monte Carlo algorithm is frequently used in particle simulations, but with increasing numbers of particles simulations may take days to run. Efforts have been made to parallelize Monte Carlo, but due to the nature of the algorithm parallel Monte Carlo algorithms are inherently inefficient. Simple methods of parallelizing the algorithm could result in data being sent across the network at every step, killing performance. I created a modified parallel Monte Carlo simulation to significantly reduce network traffic and eliminate any possible synchronization issues.

I also developed an interactive 3-dimensional graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate visualization of the system as it grows. With this interface, users are able to quickly see how the system is developing and understand the growth mechanisms. The GUI reads the text files that are outputted from the simulation at a fixed number of steps. The user has many visualization controls, including changing the color and size of particles, and different appearances for specific particle types and phases.