Project By:

Atish Davda - Email

Parshant Mittal - Email

Faculty Advisor

Michael Kearns - Email - Website





There are few links to various software packages we used in our project

Here are few papers that we found helpful

  • Economic News and Stock Market Correlation - Download
  • The Ultimate Money Machine - Download
  • Evolutionary Algorithms in Optimization of Technical Rules for Automated Stock Trading - Download
  • Agents and Markets. IEEE Intelligent Systems - Download
  • News Mining Agent for Automated Stock Trading- Download
  • Building Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis from Massive Collection of HTML Documents- Download
  • Determining the Sentiment of Opinions- Download
  • Good News or Bad News? Let the Market Decide- Download
  • Sentence Level Sentiment Analysis...- Download
  • Large-Scale Sentiment Analysis for News and Blogs

For a complete list please refer to our paper - Download