Participants: John Geewax, Michael Gottlieb

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zachary Ives

Documents: Write-up (PDF)Poster (PDF)


     ClassTrak is a web application that allows students to collaborate to build To-do lists and Calendars that will keep them on track during their studies. Students can "enroll" in classes which are essentially feeds of to-dos and event data. Students who are enrolled in a class can post announcements, homework assignments, due dates, and other important events or information. Those posts will get pushed into the to-do lists and calendars of all other students enrolled in the class. This means that students' calendars will be populated with all of the important things to remember, but not all of it needs to be posted by each student.

     This process corrects a major inefficiency we observed in scheduling applications. When all the work of entering in important reminders rests on the individual the task of getting organized can take more time then it actually saves you. Also entering reminders into a scheduling application is often a tedious chore-like task. By diffusing the data entry side of scheduling over all the individuals with a common need (i.e. students in the same class) calendars and to-do lists will be filled with more data and students can spend more time completing their tasks and less time organizing themselves. We believe this is especially useful to students who are often juggling several classes worth of information as well as extra-curricular activities.