CIS 400/401 Senior Project 2008

Banana: An Anonymous/Pseudonymous Encrypted Low Latency Overlay Network

Carl Mackey
Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Smith


In this information age, we increasingly see our privacy eroded, both through actions of others and unwittingly making mistakes on our own. An anonymity system uses various techniques to hide the identity of people using the internet to communicate. Banana is a project with similar aims, but novel and different means.

Unlike most anonymity systems, Banana seeks to provide anonymity from a global eavesdropper—a malicious entity who can read all packets sent on the network. Existing anonymity systems often will either ignore this threat, attempt to work against a lighter version of it, or be far too impractical for general use. Through judicious use of cover traffic and emulation of fixed links, a noninvasive global observer can be made oblivious to a communication's participants.


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