Every Non Player Character (NPC) is an actor that must at anytime decide what it wants to do, or simply if it wants to continue doing what it is currently doing.

NPCs consult their characteristics and desires in order to determine which desire they currently want to fulfill. Once they have decided on a desire, they then enact a plan to fulfill that desire. Those plans are either generated using a rule base or returned from characters habitual actions. The success of a plan increases the chance that a plan is memorized and becomes the default way a character fulfills a specific desire. Success also fulfills that desire, which affects many elements in a characters state, such as the desire to do that action, and the characters statistics (if the action is one that cause an increase or decrease in stats).

The decisions that these characters make are completely dependent on a characters characteristics, traits, and desires and these things are not the same between characters. This diversity of character is what allows for behavioral emergence, as well as an interesting environment.