The world of Kingdom is supposed to be a vibrant Kingdom full of NPCs living their lives.

However, while our original implementation was heavily weighted towards this goal, it proved to be infeasible for this project. We began our scripting using the Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset in order to easily create a world that was both very visual and also easy to interact with. By supplanting the game engine that the toolset provided for us, we attempted to just stick to scripting artificial intelligence. However, various problems with the scripting language led to us adopting a less complex engine for our view, as explained in the rendering section.

(Our original implementation environment, NeverWinter Nights II)

Nevertheless, the world of Kingdom contains many different entities that can interact with each other, from player characters, to non-player characters, to items, and even buildings. These interactions generate a dynamic world that changes in accordance to the actions of the actors that roam it. This is the essence of the world we are trying to create.