Final Project Description Format - CSE 400/401

Your final project report based on the drafts you prepared last semester will serve as the final documentation of your project. Your goal here is to answer four basic questions:
  • What did you do?
  • How is it related to existing work?
  • How did you do it? and
  • Why did you do it that way?.
You should write it so that a reasonably competent computer scientist, perhaps one of your fellow students, would be able to read it and understand what you have accomplished. I expect the resulting document to be somewhere between 9 and 15 pages in length. Only an electronic copy needs to be turned in. The expected format of the project reports is given below:

Title Area:
  • Project Name
  • Participant names and email addresses
  • Faculty advisor name (no signature required)

  • 1 or 2 paragraph description of your project.

Related Work:
  • Summarize existing research, products, and systems
  • Explain why the proposed project is better or different from what already exists.
  • For this version I will require that you cite and discuss references gained from at least 3 different sources. These could include: websites, technical journals, textbooks, patents, technical reports, theses, etc.
  • Please see this example for a demonstration of how to write a good "Related Work" section.

Technical Approach:
  • Explain how your system (or theory) works. Again, imagine that you are trying to explain your system to another computer scientist.
  • If applicable provide a block diagram of your system showing the major components and their interaction
  • Identify what the principle technical challenges have been. Here you have an opportunity to discuss the various design or implementation decisions that you made during your project and to explain why you made the choices that you did. You should highlight the aspects of the project that you found challenging or interesting.

  • Here you should summarize what you accomplished during your project. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the process, you can comment on aspects of the project that were harder (or easier) than you anticipated. You could also discuss design or implementation decisions that you may have made differently in retrospect.

Reminder: It is expected that the project description is entirely your own work - brief quotations may be used if-and-only-if they are properly attributed as per the course plagiarism policy.