Progress Report Format - CIS 400/401

The resulting document should be 7-10 pages long and I would suggest using LaTeX since this document will grow and change over the course of the project. This document will essentially be a revised and expanded version of your initial project description. You will be expected to describe what you have done so far on the problem, what has changed based on your increased understanding of the project, and what remains to be done in the second semester.

Title Area:
  • Project name
  • Participant names and email addresses
  • Faculty advisor name (no signature required)

  • 1 or 2 paragraph description of proposed problem. Make sure to describe what your system will do at the end of the project.

Related Work:
  • Summarize existing research, products and systems
  • Explain why the proposed project is better or different from what already exists.
  • For this version I will require that you cite and discuss references gained from at least 3 different sources. These could include: websites, technical journals, textbooks, patents, technical reports, theses, etc.
  • Please see this example for a demonstration of how to write a good "Related Work" section.

Technical Approach:
  • This section should be much stronger than in your first version. By now you should have had time to flesh out your approach and do some preliminary coding. I expect you to explain what you have done and present a more mature vision of what the rest of your project will entail
  • Explain how you expect your system to work - by this stage of the project I would expect that you would have at least the first draft of a design - or better yet a first prototype of your system. If you do not have a prototype you need to explain what you have done and what difficulties you ran into when implementing your plan. If your project does not call for an implementation you need to describe what results or research you have done to date.
  • If applicable provide a block diagram of your system showing the major components and their interaction
  • Identify what the principle technical challenges have been - what challenges remain to be solved

  • List the tasks that you have done to date
  • List the tasks that you will be doing next semester and when you expect to complete them

Reminder: It is expected that the project description is entirely your own work - brief quotations may be used if-and-only-if they are properly attributed as per the course plagiarism policy.