Webpage Format - CIS 400/401

You will be required to submit an electronic version of your project writeup. This will consist of a folder containing at minimum an HTML file called project.html which will have basic info about your project (names, title, advisor, project abstract, etc.) and will have links to PDF files containing your project writeup and your project poster.

You should package all of the files in a directory named after the project participants. As an example, if the project participants were Elwin Chai and Rick Jones you would create a directory called ChaiJones which would contain a web page named project.html and PDF versions of the project poster and writeup. You can add any additional files and hyperlinks that you want (within reason). When you are done you can zip the file up for submission.

These webpages will be used to help judge the final project. Keep this fact in mind when you are putting them together.