Gender Classification in Video

By Aman Agarwal and Syed Ali Raza

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jianbo Shi

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Sample Picture (1)

Alignment: The blue dot is the middle of the face and the two red dots are the feet.

The picture also shows that at times even the naked eye cannot discern the gender.

It is a clear expression of the quality of resolution that we were working with.

This picture has an average resolution when compared to all the pictures.

For this picture, our code decided it was a female.



Pic2.jpg                                      Sample Picture (2)

The alignment shows the feet and the head of the male.

This picture had a leg ratio of .0047 which is well below the threshold of 0.25.

The 0.25 threshold implies a female with 75% accuracy.

The picture also has a height ratio of .65 which is well above the cut off for a male.

A height ratio of above .6 implies a ~57% accuracy that the picture is a male.